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Organization does not only help you save time and money, and reduce distraction and stress, researchers have been shown: organized people are more likely to get job promotion, earn more money, and their children are better perform at school and earn more money as adults. 
Setting up a tailor-made organization systems improve your productivity, boost your daily happiness and spend more time on other things that matter - we can help !
Striped Cusion on Sofa

Suitable for you if you are struggling in one small area (closet, children space, bookshelf, pantry, home office space).

  • 4-hours session HK$1,500. Minimum 4 hours. Additional hour charges HK$350.

In-Home Organization – MOST POPULAR!

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Bright Bedroom

If you don't know where to start or too many stuff, here is the solution for you. We declutter, organize & tailor made your organization space based on your lifestyle, habit and productivity. Let go of anything that no longer serves you and keep only those spake joy. 

Package includes

  • Examine your personal habit and lifestyle

  • Tailor-made organization systems

  • Outline 3-4 main objectives

  • Timeline for achieving them

  • Integrate off-site storage

  • Declutter and organize

  • Purchase and order any containers and/or shelf (Not necessary. But if you need, we can help!)

  • Expected a series of visits 

  • 3-months free tracking and follow-up

Rate: Subject to apartment size and item intensity. Please send us 2-3 photos or a short simple video for free quotation.

In-Home Organization - Whole Aparment Package

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